The Business Plan Template

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"

Yahoo!! I got something to be excited about and I want to share it with you! Not only am I celebrating my birthday this month, I am also celebrating 25 years as a business owner. 

You see I didn't have no rich parents, no asssistance, no handouts, no favors, no excuses, or a large inheritance sitting in a trust fund. But I did have the straight hustle of failing to succeed. After I gave thanks, I sat down and thought about the struggle it took for me to get here. 

The first thing that came to my mind was my lack of and failure to plan. Even if you don't know the first thing about starting a buiness, this guide will help you land on solid ground. 

I don't want you to start off struggling like I did. So for a limited time, I am offering you a headstart to success with this valuable resource. Get this 8 page, comprehensive guide for $17 and start writing your business plan today. 

A business plan must be clear, concise and action oriented!

Have you thought about starting a business, but did not know where to begin? Are you already in business, but have no clear concept, direction or plan? Once you think about it, the next step is to write it down. 

This 8 page comprehensive, fill-in the blank and printable blueprint will give you a "20 Point Thrust" to help you start your business with clarity, focus and purpose. 

Get your thoughts, plan & profits right on day one. 

Copyright 2017 | Nichelle Womack, BA, MBA, LRB, LIA, CLC